Mobile Phone seems to be broken

Hello world,
Everything is in the title. So, i wonder how can i manage my account without my smartphone.
Thanks for all good advice !
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unfortunately you can’t. you’ll have to find another device.

OK, thanks for the reply !
In case i change my device, is there any complexity in recovering my account on this new mobile ? I’ll keep the same phone number.
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based on the FAQ you’ll have to talk with customer support to activate the new device.

enter your phone number, and select ‘I haven’t received a code yet’ to speak with a support agent.

Yes, i read the same part of the faq. Thanks for your celerity,
Good night (?).

Indeed. Good night!


It’s easier. When the phone number stays the same, one can simply log in on a new device. As long as you can receive the SMS, It works without contacting support.

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Hello World,
Since my last message, my mobile seemed better, but i bought a new one, and want to use it. Frank wrote that, more than a month ago :

Is it as simple as that, or should i expect some complication ?
Thanks !

if it’s the same number you shouldn’t have any issue

Ok, thank you Alejandro.
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