Mobile phone number printed on card delivery envelope


My private mobile phone number was printed on the front of the card delivery envelope… I’m not very pleased with my number being viewable by the whole of the UK postal service, attached to my name and address.

You need to sort this security flaw ASAP - the sender’s reference should be an anonymised number really…


Thank you for letting us know. I’ll pass this to the relevant team.



Same here. I just received my card. My phone number is printed on the enveloppe.


We have contacted our shipping partner in regards this, and they assured us that this will not happen again in the future.

Thank you for your feedback.


A co worker just got his card delivered and it also had the phone number on it.


Received my envelope today with my full phone number printed on the outside :frowning:


As mentioned above, this should no longer be happening.

Heads up though, if you’ve ever ordered anything on Amazon for example, most couriers print your contact number on the shipping label.


Yeah but having a credit card that is primary manageable via phone number, being send in an evelope with that number on it… keeps me more worrying then on an amazon order that doesn’t fit in my mailbox and I actually hope the currier gives me a call.


They have confirmed us that this should no longer be happening.

@Aarex when did you receive your card?


Yesterday - 15th March


Ok thank you. We’ll contact them again.