Mobile Payment

Bezahlen mit dem Handy über NFC mit der Revolut App

Hey @markusvenus :slight_smile:


It’s available only in a few countries, mine is not in. Talking about Samsung Pay and Google. Apple is not an option neither the other two, unfortunately.

I have been using Apple Pay to top my card regularly but today I received a letter from my bank ( Natwest ) saying that they will be charging a 3% charge on all transactions made to top cards via Apple Pay or any other means. Is anyone aware how to get around this pathetic money making charge.
Many thanks in advance if anyone can as I don’t really want to get rid of my Revolut card just to pacify the big banks.

Just make a transfer? With Faster Payments in GBP, it’s not instant but fast. And no fee.

Wouldn’t “any other means” also include tranfers?

I am relatively sure this is about card transactions.

I’m not sure what the bank is aiming at but @Ady_mills can clarify what they exactly mean…

Thanks for your replies it is really appreciated. My Card issuer I think was just getting a bit hacked off as I was using Revolut instead of there card so they decided to charge me charges when I transfer money to top up cards :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. I like the idea though of setting my Revolut up as a payee and just sending money from my bank when needed. Admittedly I won’t have the bonus of topping up with Applepay but if it saves of Transfer charges I will do it.