Mobile Payment with Smartphone NFC


Is there a way to pay by NFC of the smartphone?


Unfortunately not. But I hope this feature is implemented soon… than I can ditch Boon & Seqr/Glase… too many different payment services…


Lets hope @revolut will make it possible soon.

What options do i have to use NFC payment? I’m located in germany.


Linking your Revolut card or in general? iOS, Android?


Since Revolut does not offer payment by smartphone i would say in general.
I’m using an android device.


You could check out, (available in DE for Android – a workaround for iOS is possible – easy to find with Google). And both Sparkasse and VR Group launched pilot projects in 2017 to make the Girocard mobile. A general rollout is expected in 2018.

Edit: Seqr utilizes direct debit. So it might even work with the Revolut EUR account.


Seqr är nu Glase.


SEQR/Glase went bankrupt today. I’m very surprised no one bought them.


You can add the Revolut Mastercard to Google Pay :smiley: