Mobile Payment with Smartphone NFC

Is there a way to pay by NFC of the smartphone?


Unfortunately not. But I hope this feature is implemented soon… than I can ditch Boon & Seqr/Glase… too many different payment services…

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Lets hope @revolut will make it possible soon.

What options do i have to use NFC payment? I’m located in germany.


Linking your Revolut card or in general? iOS, Android?

Since Revolut does not offer payment by smartphone i would say in general.
I’m using an android device.

You could check out, (available in DE for Android – a workaround for iOS is possible – easy to find with Google). And both Sparkasse and VR Group launched pilot projects in 2017 to make the Girocard mobile. A general rollout is expected in 2018.

Edit: Seqr utilizes direct debit. So it might even work with the Revolut EUR account.

Seqr är nu Glase.

SEQR/Glase went bankrupt today. I’m very surprised no one bought them.

You can add the Revolut Mastercard to Google Pay :smiley:

Hello. I need your help with an issue I am dealing with and I believe this is Tha appropriate thread. If not, please, refer me to an appropriate one.
I am a Greek citizen, but I am currently in Belarus. The first day I arrived here I lost my revolut card. Revolut does not post cards to Belarus.
I issued an online card and was prompted to connect it with Google pay. This way I was informed that I could pay with my NFC smartphone.
Unfortunately, when I tried to download Google pay I received a message that it is not supported on Belarus.
Do you know of any other NFC pay app that might be helpful?
Thank you in advance for your help.

You have to check if Samsung, Garmin or Fitbit are available in Belarus… Sadly, it’s not just the App, the service must be available there, too…

Thanks for the reply. I will take a look at them:)

What I don’t understand, are you now a resident of Belarus or just temporary there to work and your residency is still in Greece?
If the second is true, it should still work out with Revolut as the residency is the key.