mobile data usage

I was just browsing mobile data usage by app on my iPhone and noticed that Revolut has used more than 1Gb (over a period of time) which is way way way more than any other banking or finance app that I use.

What’s this all about?

Am genuinely puzzled because there’s no way that downloading all the activity on my account is a number even a tiny tiny fraction of that. So what is the data that is being exchanged?


  1. background app refresh is off;
  2. only use Revolut for basic banking needs - no fancy trading or anything;

Are you able to say over what period of time in order that others can make a more direct comparison?
Do you download your :r: statements from within the app and at what intervals?
How often do you check rates?
All these things will contribute to your data usage.
Mobile data usage generally is considered against your data allowance on a monthly basis and then reset monthly. Is this impacting your allowance in a bad way such that you might wish to review your mobile contract conditions?
The questions are not intended to be impertinent but just to clarify points for other users if they have similar concerns.

EDIT: I just checked mine and I see that I have used 19.31 MB in the period 10 Aug to 9 Sep with only 564 kB in the background.
I’m not at all concerned about that. The abonnement with my mobile data provider is more than adequate for my monthly needs and if it approached my allowance, I would consider upping it or using it principally over WiFi to mitigate use.

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Hi, the data usage was doubtless over many many months, so was looking at the amount RELATIVE to other applications of a similar type. Other banking/finance apps had only used a tiny fraction of what Revolut had consumed in the same period. (I don’t download statements - just a handful of transfer confirmations.) However also normally Revolut should just be sending a few numbers. In fact even your 19.31Mb, if it were a text file, would be ENORMOUS. Wondered if anyone else had noticed anything amiss. In order to get a clearer picture have just reset the counters for mobile data and will see what Revolut consumes going forward. Thanks.

btw. excess data usage is always a worry because:
a) there’s the question of WHAT information is being exchanged and in download or upload;
b) if one is travelling in a zone where Roaming Charges apply, even just a few Mb can amount to a significant charge - so it’s good to know which apps to avoid;

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Since I still get quite a bit of currency in GBP from the UK transferred in to my :r: account which is promptly converted to EUR and either spent on the card or transferred out in EUR to my French Bank (or my wife’s :r: account) I expect quite a bit of data activity on a monthly basis so the figures presented are no surprise or concern to me.
Whilst I have an app for my French bank account on my phone too, I don’t use that as much as I do :r: so, in relative terms, it is difficult to assess in those terms.
Other may have the same view. It is relative to individual needs and requirements and not everyone will have a similar use profile but thanks for raising the topic in the spirit of awareness, nonetheless.

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