Mobile check deposits (US)

Mobile check deposits is a must for wide-spread US adoption. Do we know if this is in the works? All the competing fin techs seem to have this sorted early on in their platform development, but for some reason, this is still missing in the US.


I’ve been begging for this since Revolut launched in the US.

Even Revolut Business accounts can’t send or receive checks.

Revolut doesn’t realize how important checks still are in the US.

Here’s a good breakdown of what’s available on other platforms. Looks like someone already tried to update the Revolut profile, as it doesn’t seem updated. Almost all the competitors have mobile check deposits:

I think that the issue is a high-level discussion about Revolut’s mission statement, which is something along the lines of disrupting outmoded systems of banking. Their goal is not to replicate 1-to-1 the existing stone-age American banking system.

I agree that Revolut will need to bite through the sour apple, because as opposed to the EU Americans have 1000s of banks to choose from (a downward trend). And Revolut was originally a travel card only, but Americans generally do not go see the world. And the fintech startup alternatives in the US are already great. I would be surprised to see widespread adoption in any case except for certain user segments, such as travelers, who will then only use Revolut for traveling and their normal bank for everything else.

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I am forced to use another high street bank just for check deposit.

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