Mobile Accounting with Revolut?!

Dear Community!
Hello 2 everybody!

  1. We (my Business Partner and I) are Freelancers, who where searching for a mobile App to integrate Banking (no stone aged) AND Accounting.
  2. We found Revolut and felt in Love!
  3. But there is still no App to combine Revolut-Banking and Accounting.
  4. Because we are Developer as well, we startet developing an iPhone App to handle invoices etc.
  5. Now we would love to bind/develope Revolut as the one-and-only Banking Solution with Accounting into our iPhone App “VALLETTI”.

My/Our Question/s now is/are:

  1. Is there somewhere a mobile App avl. which already use Revolut-Banking and Accounting?
  2. If not, is this a need for someone of you as well?
  3. And if yes, what do you want to see/use in this App (are there any special Features?)

Thanx a lot for any help - because we also want to support to rock the world with Revolut!

PS: If someone is interested in, we could send you an Invitation-Link to our beta-Version?!
PPS: I hope nobody to disappoint with some kind of commercial-stuff? :frowning: Because we don’t it is!

Hi @Reinhard

Thank you for your interest in Revolut. Our team is working on introducing the accounting tool for Business account and the business dedicated app as well. Hopefully, we will see it live soon. :pray:

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