Missing transfer


Hello, I’ve got an issue with a transfer to an Australian bank account made on the 9/11. This has still not been received 14 days later and I have been in contact with customer support since 17/11 trying to resolve. I keep being told that it is being followed up with the payment provided however I have not been given any indication of how long this will take. I have been patient for the last 7 days but now this is starting to frustrate me and I would like to know how I can get this issue escalated and resolved.


Hey @Joelrogers :slight_smile:

According to :r:'s complaints policy, to escalate the issue you should clearly state your desire to do so in the support chat and they shall give you a link to it for you to fill it :wink:

If they refuse to provide it to you, you can use this link as a last resort.