Missing transactions (gaps) in Statements


Statements are incomplete and don’t add up. There are definitely gaps.

I have mail confirmations of my online payments but no trace in Revolut (so I know I’m not crazy)

I have tried to cross reference my limit, to my analytics, to my statements. And none of the can be alligned. (I know I have multiple ccy accounts and statements, I have done a thorough analysis)

I’ve already raised this multiple times to support but I’m not sure it’s being acknowledged. I can’t send them excel attachments to show the issues, but I did send the obvious jumps in statement balances.

Loging out/in does help (several of the missing items I had identified came back) but not all. I’m not sure why that would help (looks like a weak integration but I’m not well placed to comment)

I’m not worried about my total balance. I think it’s correct but without proper statements I’m losing confidence in Revolut. And I can see how these erroneous statements could be interpreted as ‘missing money’ by some other users.



I have the same problem, and also some others as well, it is also mentioned here: Transaction list gone missing from 1 NOV to 14 DEC
I contacted support and they were looking into it

I checked the app now and this bug is fixed for me now