Missing refund

I had an app notification to say I’ve received a refund. Where should it show in the app? I can’t see it anywhere.

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It will be on the same position where the original transfer showed up.

It’s not there. I’ll contact support

Let us know what they say.

After talking to them it’s appeared in my account.

All my notifications on my iPhone for Revolut are working fine, but why does one not get notification as soon as one receives a refund?

I get a notification when I get a refund on my card. So it should work generally.

Same here as soon as I get a refund I get the message " you received a refund from…"

Strange, Revolut support told me, that there are no notifications for refunds.

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Hi, my refund is supposedly stuck on revolut side, however their in app support suddenly stops replying me 3 working days ago.

Wondering if anyone can help me?

Try ask them on twitter

they have replied me. the sending bank said they have already sent back the refund and sent over the Swift code as proof. however, revolut processing partner (Currency Cloud) still doesn’t see it.

both sending bank and beneficiary bank are saying they can’t trace/help. who should i go to get my money back?