Missing perk

Since I upgraded the ios app today my perks no longer appear.

Anybody else having this problem?

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Be blessed that you even get perks

I used to do all my spending through Revolut and got nothing from them besides beta access and 53p in cashback lol


Can somebody from Revolut please throw some light on this.

I’ve been told by support that I must make a purchase in the UK to release the perk after 10 purchases.

I’ve been using perks for some time and I’ve never had to spend in the UK. In fact I never use my card at home (UK) and my perks have always been released after every 10th purchase.

Now after 10 purchases they stop and I have to spend in the UK to release the perk.

I’ve just returned from holiday in the USA and I’ve made about 40 purchases on my card. Instead of receiving 4 perks like before the system has stuck after my 10th purchase while it waits for me to spend in the UK.

Is this a bug or a new feature? Whatever it is it’s terrible.


Support tend to like throwing out answers that get you off chat, whether correct or not. I’ve seen this issue repeatedly, perks stop working for a while then randomly one day bammm a new perk.

I haven’t seen any pattern to this though, and all my expenses are UK based so what they’ve told you is likely incorrect. Right now I see the same as you and has been like that for over a week.

Can only put it down to it being a BETA product and can’t expect it to work all the time.

Exactly the same as me. It’s failed for about 10 days. Is there a beta email address we can report to?

Support have been next to useless and I’ve wasted about 90 minutes of my time explaining things over and over again.


Back in the uk. Made a purchase. Perk still not working.

I’m not aware of a BETA email, anytime I’ve had an issue I’ve just used chat which as you say is as useful as a chocolate teapot.

Just to confirm, you’re not alone, I’m still seeing that dreaded “Check again soon” message.

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They provide an email when you sign up for the beta programme:


Thank you. Will email

I have missing perks too, even though I’ve made a qualifying spend.

Explained this over and over again on chat, and now it seems the chat function is blocked in app.

Any suggestions anyone?

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