Missing money !



Air France transferred to me 1050 GPB a month ago. Unfortunately Airfrance used the Euro IBAN I gave them (I personally gave them EUR and BGP account and let them choose which currency they wanted). So now my money never arrived and I don’t know what to do…

The chat doesn’t even answer and there are no number to call… @AndreasK ? or someone else? Is it possible to handle that???




which euro IBAN did you give them?
if you gave them the IBAN under local, with your own name as beneficiary, the transfer will mostly likely have failed as it was a SWIFT transfer and it only supports SEPA payments.

Firstly I suggest that you talk to Air France and try to get as many details about the transfer as possible.

Just a general suggestion: if you receive an amount in a set currency never give any other account number as the one with that specific currency. you might receive an unfavourable exchange rate if the currencies don’t match the account and the sender’s bank exchange the money.



Hi exchanged with Revolut CHF to EUR. They never credited EUR and stoppet answering my requests at all. Is somebody there to answer your calls and provide support?



Thanks for your answer!

I am investing to Air France, but it takes ages… And it possibly what you suggest that happened. And actually I gave Air France the two accounts for the two currencies and THEY mixed up… so annoying… So if I get bad rate, I will ask them to pay me the difference as it is not my mistake but them.

But the priority is now to get the money into my account and I don’t how I am going to do that… knowing that I have contacted Air France for more details about the payment but I am not sure if they will be able to give more details than the reference number… sooooo annoying!