Missing money


So went to the cash machine today to withdraw £170 cash machine said contact your card issuer and gave me my card back, you lovely people have still debited my account. Care to explain? Also how long is this going to take me to get back?


Hello there @Kane811060 :slight_smile:

There’s an ongoing issue with card payments. :frowning:
It is being fixed now and the money will be back into your account the moment it’s fixed :slight_smile:

Check the latest info on Twitter:
:bird: https://twitter.com/Revolutapp



I tried to withdraw 100euros twice in Spain and the transaction was canceled the both time. Inever got the money.
I’m missing 200euros on my Revolut account and nothing shows me where that money went.
Is that part of the technical problem?


Hey there @jas28

Yes, it probably is. The money will be back into your account once the problem is solved :slight_smile:

Check Twitter for the latest info:
:bird: https://twitter.com/Revolutapp


@Juliopp lright thank you so much!


Any timeframe on when it will be fixed?


Hey there again @Kane811060 :slight_smile:
On Twitter they’re aiming for “a few hours”


Ok now I’m getting worried. There is now a cash transaction showing on my account for £170 plus fees. The atm did not give me any money! Your app however is now registering it as a transaction


Hey @Kane811060 :wink:

As it has been said plenty of times, it will be reimbursed to your account the moment it’s fixed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Don’t worry. This is unacceptable but you will not lose your money.


Hi Team, I have approx. 100 Euros missing from my account & card got declined both for withdrawals and transactions. It seems it charges the amount I try to withdraw - any ideas when the issues will be resolved and the money will show up on the account again? You also said you will contact users over that next 4 hrs since the issue got reported yet it is approaching end of day (10 pm) and no ist had got back…


Hey again, @Kane811060 @jas28 :slight_smile:

Was the balance problem fixed for you already? :money_with_wings:


Yes the money has shown back up thank you. However the top up I made yesterday still hasn’t hit my revolut account. Any ideas?


Hey @Kane811060 :slight_smile:

Perfect! :star2:

Did you top-up with card or bank transfer?