Missing Money!!!!!!

I’ve also got a large amount of missing money and there is now radio silence from the ‘Help’ section… what other options are open to me?


I’ve got a similar situation about an outbound transfer.
So, have you solved this problem, and if yes, how?

Thanks :).


I sent 8 payments totalling almost £90,000 into my Revolut business account from my personal bank account (I use Nationwide), and £6,000 of it has now gone missing. I’m so disappointed, it’s the latest in a string of events with Revolut that I am unhappy about.


A transfer was made to me one month ago and was not accepted into my account. The funds weren’t reflected in my account nor have they been refunded to the payer. Customer Service gives other customers with missing funds and me the run around and continues to ask us to wait patiently for the relevant team to update me on when the manual process of the refund will be made. I have reported Revolut to the local monetary authorities and financial ombudsman services. Revolut has censored complaints on their Facebook page.

This FT article ‘Revolut Saga…’ is from 2020 and the missing money saga continues to date: Subscribe to read | Financial Times

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Yes I’ve had the same issue. The money did arrive eventually.

Hope you’re luckier than I am…
Same thing happened to me! Transferred money before my holiday to my revolut account, but accidently put my old IBAN number… Two and a half weeks later, the money still hasn’t arrived on my Revolut account or bounced back to my bank. My bank has confirmed money left my account and was received by Revolut.
Revolut Chat team is useless. I’ve been writing to them daily but nothing has come of it yet. They aren’t helpful and I keep getting the same reply, that the relevant team is working on my problem…
So frustrating and worrying!!

That’s terrible Tanya, glad you got your money back,

Where did you go?



Thanks for sharing. How long did you have to wait?

Hello, how long did it take to arrive?

From memory about 5 working days - far too long compared to other banks.

Can you confirm the destination account details were correct for a start. You bank can provide confirmation of what address was used and if it was not yours you can ask your bank to retrieve the funds.

A wrong address is the most common cause of missing funds, it is unlikely it arrived at Revolut and they ;lost it.

Chat in the app is the best way to contact Revolut initially.

You can obtain information about Revolut UK from Company’s House at [REVOLUT LTD people - (REVOLUT LTD people - Find and update company information - GOV.UK)

But as with all businesses, I doubt correspondence is forwarded to people on the workshop floor who actually deal with running the business, but worth a try.

hmm this dont sound good. I was considering to open a business account + personal account for my salary as the banks in Sweden dont allow to transfer any money abroad (atleast if they know the receiving party sells or touches anything crypto related).
Sadly i dont know many other so called banks that are better. Nuri is not that bad but i had some issues even with them. At least their support seems to be more responsive compared to this.
Can you elaborate more about the business account? does it work ok?

I’m an active client.
I’ve got thousands of € missing for more than 50 days and ghosted by technical support for around 8 days.
This occurred after rejected and not refunded SWIFT transfer

I don’t know if I should start making legal claims :frowning:

I’m insecure sharing this online but I see no other options

Has anyone ever managed to receive money bank from Revolut when it’s gone missing?

I topped up by Revolut account from my bank account, but it wasn’t successful. Revolut took the money from my bank account even though my Revolut account didn’t top up.

I was told my Revolut to contact and claim it back fro my bank, which I did. My bank tried to claim it from Revolut but Revolut have taken another lump sum from my Revolut account and said it will all get back to me when the issue is resolved.

How can they get away with this?