Missing Money!!!!!!


I had a friend transfer some money to my revolut account. GBP account and transfer done from a UK bank. Simple you would think!!! Not so… £1000 missing and the in app customer service is useless to say the least. Im due to travel in a few days and this could/will ruin my plans. The other bank has confirmed that the money has left the senders account and that nothing has bounced back. 4 Days later and im still waiting for a response from revolut.

There is also no numbers online where you can escalate the issue…Revolut is a complete joke!!!

Has anyone got a UK number that I can call?

Has anyone had the same issue???

How can this even happen?

Revolut market themselves as a banking alternative…I dont think so!!!

Money not turning up
Transfer/transaction transparency
Technical / stack details

Perhaps the boys from Revolut are now on their way :confused: (joke).


To the question “Has anyone had the same issue???”:

If you look in the feedback section, there are currently a lot of people with their money gone. Revolut’s currently not responding to these issues, though. There is pretty much popping up such a question like yours every day. Probably you want to connect with users with the same issue.

Personally, I also don’t know how something like this does not hurt Revolut’s reputation, but it seems, it doesn’t. :-/


There is a UK number in the Facebook Page.


Finally a response from revolut…The chap seemed to have no idea whet he
was doing…

Day 4 and still 1000 pounds missing…Please don’t invest in this company
until they sort out its processes. …

Their customer service is terrible. …This is not a banking alternative.

Only put small amounts into this app.

They are expecting me to do the investigation into how they have lost 1000
pounds of my money. This would spell disaster for any banking app that
customer funds are not safe!!!

Divest in revolut…!!!


We are investigating any cases of missing transfers with our payment parters. Once you reach out to us please provide a transfer confirmation so we can look into this for you. Really sorry for any delay.


I don’t think you understand the urgency…It is now day seven since the
missing transfer and I’m due to travel on Thursday for a family holiday.
…your system has left new with no money. …wth.!!!

The senders bank confirmed all payments and provided reference numbers for
each payment which I have submitted on the in app support.

This is the worst situation for me…I will be making a formal complaint
to the FSA in the morning. I will also contact every single financial
services media outlet with this case. I have never seen such lax behaviour
from a company that is marketing themselves as a bank alternative. …

On your site and on the app you say to use the account like a current
account. …can you imagine customers losing their homes??? Because of
missing money! !!!

Amar Younis BSc Hons Ln Mngt


I agree with the lax behaviour or otherwise I wouldn’t hear so much people compling about missing money - some of my friends included. I suggested to Revolut to make a huge disclaimer on the top-up page that everything is still beta and that you SHOULDN’T use it for your salaries as long as you’re not sure it works, but obvisouly they never did.

I also really don’t want to know how the customers feel who used the account details for their salaries and then have to explain their accountant that they need to trace an MT103 to find out where the money went. The accountant probably even hasn’t even heard about this and Revolut is not really helpful in tracing it either (if at all). Losing a monthly salary (at least for some time) can indeed be an existential problem for many. This is to me the main problem.

While I really do understand that Revolut is still Beta and it takes time to implement all that stuff, I completely disagree with how Revolut does promote that product of being ready to use. It’s just not. By the way: I have talked to some financial media outlets but they’re not really into investigating into this even though they could find a lot of users telling their side of the story (the only ones willing to talk to me and answer some questions where the German banking association, though).


I’ve had 150 euros taken out of my account. My revolut account wasn’t topped up and it said my card had been declined. However, 150 euros has been taken from my current account. Currently waiting for someone to get back to me. This is day seven.


I think another member of this community suggested a rather good action against those incidents that you are facing.You should address the Financial Ombudsman Service to take legal action.Google it is a UK legal institution for money and bank affairs.


I am currently going through the exact same thing! I had transferred £750 and the next thing you know my account has been blocked and my money is no where to be seen.

The money was to pay for some medical bills for my uncle who has stage 4 cancer. This honestly could have detrimental effects. Ive been trying for almost a week now and i’ve gotten no where. Have decided i will be taking legal action and contacting the Financial Ombudsman Service to get my money back.

Im really sorry you are going through the same thing. Its such a horrible feeling loosing a large sum of money. I will never again be trusting Revolut. I advise everyone to do the same.


absolutely crazy!! if this was any other bank they would have sorted the issue within an hour. Lost my trust in revolut now.


No offense but who the hell use Revolut to pay emergency medical bills??? This is a startup company for god sake and you see there are issues sometimes. Why don’t you use your traditional bank account for important payments like this? Come on…


Because Revolut is encouraging all people to stop using the “old” banks. In their app they promote to use their service for salaries and payments to everyone. They also don’t disclaim that their service might cause you problems. Some people only find out by checking out this community to see that problems exist. Furthermore, Revolut does not really address those issues and their support is highly overchallenged and sometimes even giving wrong advice.

To now blame people that they believed that a FCA regulated company would take care of their money that it’s their own fault is presumptuous.


totally agreed with you.


Could you also help me?
I have been unable to receive and amount of over 60€ into my account from an overseas transaction.

Have you got an email rather than the chat support?



Hello All

If no luck with revolut try and contact modlur, they are the payment
processing company that revolut use. I emailed them and they came back to
me within the hour confirming that all payments due had come in and that it
was the revolut system that was at fault. …

They also have confirmed this to revolut, that is where the problem is
Revolut are so incompetent that I’m sure it will take months to resolve…

Divest in this company. …They don’t have the systems to deal with your
money in a safe and secure way. I would have thought that this would be the
first priority for any financial services company. …wth!!!

Couple that, with the fact they have the worst customer service I have ever
experienced and you have a train crash of a company…

The biggest joke is that they are looking for funding…




Hi guys,
I still have missing money from an EUR to GBP (IBAN Transaction).
Would someone be able to help me other than Revolut Support?



did you give them confirmation from the sender bank ? As i think you should provide them all related documents ( confirmation of bank , invoice , contract …etc ) so they can locate and verify payment faster . Well , I just received my salary payment today ( huge amount ) without any problems and their support are very helpful in my opinion .