Missing Money from my Revolut Account: 900 Euros!!!


Yes you have read correctly: 900 Euros missing from my account.

There is little to say:

Total paid in 6032.94 EUR
total paid out 4584.71 EUR

Balance should be 1448.23 EUR

Balance shown on the statement is 523.25 EUR

That makes more than 900 EUROS missing form my account.

I could not believe it, but when I downloaded the statement and checked it I didn’t have other choice.
I have just written an email to customer service and see how long is going to take before they can fix it.

The statement shows that the account balance was working well until August, whet the situation started to have discrepancies. In September it degenerated and got worse and worse.

Revolut may have a reconciliation problem in their system.
Does anyone has experience the same issue?
Grateful if you could flag it.

While waiting for them to solve the issue.

Balance discrepancy

I’ve seen someone on Revolut’s Facebook page complaining about 300 EUR missing, so you’re definitely not alone.


Hello @joseph,

Thank you for contacting us.

I have checked your account and you have some pending transactions. You can only see the available balance on the app, and not the blocked funds from the pending transaction.

If you have any further questions please do get in touch with me directly or contact our support team via the in app support chat.

Rest assured, that’s not missing money, but pending transactions.

@Oxygen regarding the user on our Facebook page, unfortunately I cannot disclose any information but be sure that was’s the case.


Andreas K.


How long does it take to clear pending transaction?
Why since August my account statement was never right while before August it was always right?



Revolut usually states it takes up to 10 days to clear pending transactions. Upon expiry of 10 days, the pending funds should be credited back to your account if not claimed by the merchant.

I leave the other part of question @AndreasK :slight_smile:


Thanks you for clarifying this. We’re in touch with @joseph.


Please check the Balance (from Revolut statement) and the True Balance (calculate by myself in excel) and then the difference (Error column).
Revolut Staff claims that it is due to 360 Eur not cleared yet.
Check the history of my card and see how this imbalance piled from from August to October.


So that everyone can make their own mind.


Hi exaptier,
please check the image I have attached in the previous message.
You can clearly see that I have Paid IN EUR 6032.94, Paid OUT EUR 4584.71 for a balance of EUR 1448.2, but as you can see from the statement, Revolut considers only EUR 523.25 !! This has nothing to do with the 10 days clearing as Revolut staff is claiming.

Their statement report always had problem, look at the discrepancy between the value in the last three columns.



Just because Revolut staff keep suggesting that everything is fine.


And you can do the math your self as said earlier

Payments 3102.48 + ATM 1482.23 = 4584.71
Money Received 212.74 + exchange in 0.20 + top Up 5820 = 6032.94

6032.94 - 4584.71= 1448.23

1448.23 - 523.25 balance statement = 925 Euros Missing!!!

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