Missing money after transfer



I can’t seem to get a decent straightforward answer from support so here it goes:

I did a transfer to my newly created revolut Euro account (note: I was using revolut without accounts before), one week has gone by and the money is nowhere to be seen, I just know it left the source account.

A) Has this happened to anyone?
B) The best feedback I got from Revolut support was to recall the transfer, I don’t know if this is possible but if it is my bank informed me I would pay 150 euros.

The transfer was made to the GB IBAN, my full name as beneficiary (although revolut just shows the first and last) and revolut’s BIC code.

Again I just know the money is out of the source account and the best advice Revolut gave me so far involves losing 150 euros and I have no guarantee I get the money back.

Anyone in the same boat?




I would ask your bank for a proof of the transfer, showing that everything, including the transfer reference, is properly filled. After this, I would submit it to :r: and push them for a solution.
They’re also reachable through Twitter:



I’ve done that, for some weird reason the proof I can get online won’t print the IBAN but they confirmed it over the phone. I’m trying to get a better document there. PS - the source bank was not an internet bank, it was a reliable (as far as banks go) physical bank


Hello again dragao,

I would phisically visit a bank branch, and ask for the document there. They should not have any problem.:wink:

After that, get in touch with :r: and provide them with the document.
I believe they will then have the opportunity to give you an answer :ok_man:

If that’s not the case, you can find other ways to file a formal complaint (with :r: or with other Regulatory Entities) in the TOS



Hi @dragao-azul,

@Juliopp is right. Please contact your bank and request a bank transfer confirmation where we can see all the transfer details. Once you have obtained it please reach out our in-app support team so we can help.


Andreas K.