Missing money after transfer to IBAN


Not getting a good vibe here at all after using the bank account feature to get a money transfer done to my account using the IBAN number - a week after a customer forwarded me €495 it is still not showing and I have to say the response to requests for ssistance via the chat feature on the app is not great. Very embarrassing for me & does not give me confidence to use the banking features any further.


Did the person use the LT IBAN number or the GB IBAN Number (with reference code)?

My last test transaction to the LT IBAN is disappeared for over 16 days now. The last time I used the UK one at Lloyd’s still worked for me, though. I know of a lot of customers with the same problem (in both transaction directions) and I stoped using Revolut for the time being because of this. My guess in terms of how Revolut handles missing money considering my and other’s experiences: You can only hope and expect a long time for this to be handled (if ever).

There are assuambly problems with the routing because of the IBAN/BIC country code mixup. You can find out more about it in this long thread: Unique EUR IBAN and BIC/SWIFT Numbers.

Any other people with the same problem in this bug thread: Problems receiving transfers into New Euro IBAN


It was using the GB IBAN, though it looks like I used the wrong reference , using my name as normal instead of Revolut Ltd.
And yes based on the response so far it looks like this is going to take a long time to resolve…


Yes. With the GB IBAN you need to use Revolut as beneficiary and your personal Revolut number as reference, otherwise it won’t work.

SEPA Transfers not allowed