Missing money - €22500

I’ve recently transferred money from the sale our house to cover a deposit on a new house to the sum of €22500. Revolut have been sent source of funds documentation to back this up.
Unfortunately it was sent via SEPA payment but to the swift account details. Now we are trying to recover the money but no one is talking to us on the chat page. We desperately need this money to make a deposit on our new house. Any suggestions?
Thank you

Revolut have a good product but sometimes the customer service can be a bit of a joke. Keep messaging them and if that doesn’t work then find a phone number. Goodluck!

I’d poke @AndreasK as this sounds pretty serious and urgent. Hopefully he can at least get a status on the issue. I assume this hits the limit on your account? But it sounds like you already know the issue of the incorrect transfer?

Most likely transfer will need to assigned manually …
Try app chat and make sure you type: live agent to get past chatbot.
If chat don’t answer type: resolved and then live agent again :slight_smile:

Make sure that your top up limit is raised adequately – you’re already on this. This is handled by a separate team from the regular support and might take a couple of days. You can check your limit under profile, limits and verification. That’s part one.

And then to part two. You probably forgot to add the reference, necessary to allocate the money to your account? Provide support a receipt of the transfer that shows the sender’s name and account no. and ask support to allocate the money for you manually.

Unfortunately, my understanding is that other support inquiries are blocked for users once they are forwarded to the special team that handles things like ID verification and limit changes.

I would get in contact with them via Twitter.