Missing funds

I topped up my Revolut card a week ago with 150 euros from my bank account. For some unknown reason Revolut said my card was declined however, after checking my current account the money had been taken. According to Revolut the money hadn’t been taken and would probably show up as credited in my account in several days. Well, several days have passed and the money has been debited from my account. I’m 150 euros short here and can’t seem to contact anyone. This is the first time something like this has happened but I’m really very unhappy with the way it’s been handled. Could someone contact me soon? Has this happened to anyone else?

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i transferred USD5546 from Revolut Singapore into my USD account with standard chartered . it was transfeered on 2 May but till 12 May i still have not receievd it.

Revolut in app chat is not working…it keeps showing a blank page. The beneficiary bank wants the MT103 but the in app chat is spoilt…so how do i get help?

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hey man. do you have any progress on this? my transfer is stuck too and the receiving bank is asking for the MT103… were you able to get your money and this document?

Hi, is there anyone probleme with missing funds ?
Sending 7K chf from my swiss bank to revolut on the 27th may, didn’t get anything.
Support don’t give anything except “the relevant team is investigating”.
It’s means if you have a real problem with revolut, you’re on your own,