Missing & Duplicate Payments & Refund Issues

Dear Community,

I was wondering if you could help me.

I have only just started using this app and there seems to be some major flaws in the application.

Firstly there are payments ‘missing’ from the history. i.e. I made the payment it was debited from my account but nothing is showing.

Secondly they have duplicated a payment and debited my account but again nothing is showing.

I have tried to reach out to support but on average they take 2 hours to respond hence I always miss talking to someone.

Is there like a credit risk support phone number I can reach out to ?



I’m a bit confused - how do you know that the payment was made if it does not show up on the transactions history in the app? Does the balance on the account statement match the balance in the app ? Try logging out and back in the app to see whether there are any changes.

I don’t think there is a dedicated CR support phone number (at least I am not aware of one) so the in-app support appears to be the only sensible communication channel. You can try tweeting them but not sure you will get a quicker response

“Customer Support can be contacted through
the Revolut App, via email at support@revolut.com or via phone at +44
(0) 203 725 7583”

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Hello @Matthewa100,

The issue with American bars/restaurants is that when you pay for the goods and leave a tip, they will take two transactions: one for the goods, and one for the goods+tip. Both transactions will be shown as pending in Revolut, with the goods+tip amount completing and the former amount reverting within 10 working days.

More info here: http://revolutapp.tumblr.com/post/151098550182/tips-taking-revolut-stateside


Andreas K.

That is just an automated number and is for cancelling cards only.

I have requested to speak to a representative over the phone to sort of this dispute but have been told

  1. The system is being upgraded today

  2. We dont take calls on weekends

  3. Our system is not working

Hi Andreeas,

This is an accounting issue.

You have removed a pending transaction but have not returned the funds that were removed.

There is a clear imbalance in my account.



It showed up as pending and then was subsequently removed without any monies being returned.

There is a clear balance indifference in my account.

I did log in and out and it removed the pending transaction but nothing was returned.

So the update is the money has gone from my account and not been returned.

As Revolut do not have a fraud dept department and or another dep to investigate this other then
their outsourced online support team I have no recourse.

I am truly amazed the fca gave this outfit a licence given these basis holes in their system.

Hi @Matthewa100,

Once a pending transaction has reverted, you’ll no longer see it on your transaction list. However, you can print out your transaction statement and confirm your in-coming and out-going transactions.

However, I have downloaded your statement, and I will send it to you to your email, if you need any help let me know.


Andreas K.

Hi Andreas,

The pending transaction that was on my account on the 8th that was charged to my account and mysteriously disappeared has re appeared as a completed transaction on the 31st of October. Which is strange as I had not even arrived at my hotel that day. So it is a case of a duplicated payment going in a time machine !

After dealing with about 10 of your collegues who were utterly useless I found one who took pity on me and have requested I filled in one of your merchant claim back forms which I have duly done.

I am rather bemused how your back office system is booking transactions it seems random/none functioning at best.

Do you see both completed transactions on your account statement ? Did the 31/10 transaction complete at the 31/10 exchange rate or the 08/10 exchange rate ? If the former, this is slightly disturbing as the Revolut’s main selling point is that you always get a going rate

Ratamon - Tbh I’m not sure.

I’ve worked out that Revolut is a great service but not for paying hotels - so I use a different card to avoid duplicate payments.

You always receive the FX at the time of the transaction and not the time of the completion.

Refund payments are also not put on the account automatically. They have to be manually added which is crazy but makes sense as we are in one pooled account effectively.

Basically use the card for bars / cafe / restaurants/ not hotels (duplication issues) or on-line transactions (refund issues)

Just to clarify all the refunds processed automatically, after the merchant’s release.

The merchant released a week ago but nothing added to my account.

I am convinced all your duplication/refunded transactions are not automated like mainstream banks but are processed manually.