Misleading Free Card


My colleague got his card for free incl postage.
I tried to do the same as was advertised when I opened the app, now the app says I have to pay for postage is misleading advertising please look into this and make some sort of gesture. Thanks


Your collage might have signed up for premium. That way he will receive a card for free.


He hasn’t got premium. I signed up and the app advertised a free card on the intro. But when I click on physical cards, it makes me pay


The card is free, delivery is not i think. At least i had to pay €5 for delivery back in July when i ordered my card. Not that i complain, it’s peanuts compared to what i already saved in exchange fees.


In some countries and markets, there was a period where customers could order a card completely free. This was a limited marketing campaign. You might have missed that.


I have to pay 5£ for the card and free delivery. When my wife signed up this week she was told that she could have the card for free of she signed up for premium. But still she had to pay 5£ for delivery if using free plan. You might have read something to fast. I have done that several times🤔


My card cost me 5.00, I had to add credit first, prior to them sending the card.


@IvanJ You are probably right about reading something to fast. I have just marked this as the answer as otherwise I will keep getting comments added. :slight_smile: