Misleading customers regarding crowdfunding


I’m fed up with the shockingly poor and incompetent ‘support’ from Revolut and this is why:

I’m a premium member and I recently registered for the Crowdfunding campaign in early August. On 2nd August I got a push notification saying I had been selected, but with no further instructions at all. I clicked through the app for the notification and couldn’t find any information and neither did I receive the alleged email that they claim to have sent. I raised an issue via the chat function and two different agents have fobbed me off entirely. Their responses have been pathetic and they completely side step the issue. One agent ‘helpfully’ informed the developers of the issue, even though my entire complaint has been about the lost opportunity and being withheld from participating even though I was selected. A similar thing happened to me in May round and Revolut’s response was to tell me I should have queried it earlier.

While I think the product of Revolut is great, the customer service is insulting and utterly useless. I am fed up of dealing with idiots and will be raising my case with the FCA. I am certain this is misleading and was provided as an inducement to sign up to the premium account. I will also be blogging about it.

Revolut, you’ve had your chance to take ownership of this issue but we’ll now see what the FCA & the general public have to say.


Hi there,

I’m truly sorry to hear you had an issue regarding the crowdfunding campaign. Please could you send an email to grace@revolut.com so I can have a look into what went wrong and see what I can do to help?

Kind regards,


Sure, will gladly email, however I shouldn’t have to post an angry message in a public forum to get your attention.

There should be an appropriate escalation method used by your customer service agents instead of simply archiving the chat when they feel like giving up.


Hi there,

We completely agree and I will follow up to see what went wrong in terms of escalating this issue.

Please do get in touch with me as soon as you can as we will be closing the campaign very soon. I haven’t received an email to grace@revolut.com on this issue yet, but am keeping an eye out!