Misleading conditions of free physical card promotion


There are already a couple of threads about the currently running promotion that promises a free physical card and about the inconsistent answers from the support chat regarding the promotion’s conditions. In my case however it seems that support had no idea what they were doing as they were giving out misleading information.

I had one virtual card configured in the app when the promotion started. When asking support whether I could simply order a card for free under the terms of the promotion, there answers was clear: Yes, as long as I use a German delivery address:

After the card has arrived, suddenly support says something different: Since I already have a virtual card, I need to pay an extra fee for the new physical card. Strangely enough when asking before ordering the card, whether the existing virtual card would cause any problems, support did not tell me about this!

I was further told that a refund would no be possible as the virtual card was already used. Again this should have been obvious to support when asking about all of this before ordering a card.

This is absolutely frustrating and, for a bank that only offers support via the build in chat, worrying; apparently the people working in chat support are either not properly informed or have no interest in finding proper answers.

In short, the promotion is only useful for those who do not have ANY card whatsoever configured or who delete all existing cards before ordering. This was neither stated in the mail nor by support. This is misleading!


Existing thread here:


Hi there.

The button in the email is a deep-link straight to the app if you’re on a mobile device. Our apologies for any confusion. You can just head to the Cards section to order your free card via standard delivery.

If you have already a virtual or physical card then the offer doesn’t apply.
You can terminate the virtual card and order a new physical card at no cost.


This information has zero value for me now as the physical card has already been ordered.
Why was support not able to give me this information when I asked them before ordering? Instead I got the response quoted in the screenshot above…


Apologies for this miscommunication. I will read your chat history and forward it to the right person.