Minor UI issues


There are two minor UI issues in the app (I can reproduced these in the Android app, version 4.7.0):

  • In the More > Profile > Personal details section, the third line of the Address is not appearing correctly but partially cut.
    I am attaching a screenshot with all my details wiped, but hope that the idea is still visible. The whole 3rd line for the address (city + country) does not fit the available vertical space. The letter shown is supposed to be a “B”.

  • The Visa logo, as it appears in the top-up cards, is the old one (with a yellow portion of the “V” letter). The new Visa logo is all blue. As I see that the Mastercard logo has been updated, shouldn’t this be updated too?


Has anyone from Revolut verified this?
Do you need any more details?





Hi @bloo!

Thank you for your feedback. I have passed this one, and I’m sure we will have it sorted very soon :slight_smile:


Is there any progress on these issues? 4.8 still have them…



My address displays correctly for me, however text is partially cut elsewhere in the app:
:arrow_right: Historical Exchange Rates - UI Bug

I thought this might be related to my phone’s font settings, but selecting a different font size didn’t solve the issue.

I don’t see any yellow portion on the “V”; it matches the logo shown on my physical card:

If you’re still seeing the old logo, perhaps it’s in the app’s cache. My app has 21.3MB cached, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some of this data is images. Perhaps one of the moderators could confirm this, before you try clearing the cache?


The Visa logo issue is still happening in other places, such as top up:

The issue with the address appears on my phone as it has 3 lines of address, whereas I have checked and it does not appear if the address has only 2 lines (my city name + postal code + province + country is long enough not to fit in a single line).