Minimum-Balance for keeping "the service" working


Recently, I received a message in the revolut-app that said “I shall top up my balance so payments will not be declined” (not exact wording)…

Is there a minimum-ammount needed to keep card-payments working?
(eg. if balance below 10.- == payments for 2.- or 5.- will be declined?)

As I don’t want to top-up my account at this times (I’m a client from switzerland - i lost trust in revolut and it only gets worse; eg. first increased fees topping up with CH-cards without (promised) solution, promised individual IBAN not coming, top-up-account from revoult IN switzerland apparently not coming, banking-license… aso), I’d like to get my balance near/close to 0 on all currencies i have in my revolut-account… But for that, the card needs to remain working so I can spend the money (as I can’t do transfers without giving the revolut-app access to my address-book (another :r:-thing that annoys me!!)

No, it isn’t.

I have never heard about such situation.

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