Minimum amount transfer

I was trying to make a recurring payment of 1.83€ and I realized that transfers can’t be under 2€. What’s the reason for this? I really needed to make a monthly payment of this value :roll_eyes:

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This would be set by Revolut’s payment processor rather than Revolut.

I assume it’s due to the costs involved.

Hi @pepe2124,

as @clickyclick mentioned, the restrictions are made by the payment processor.

Maybe you can ask the beneficiary of the amount to receive 2 bucks each time and you kind of collect that with the receiving party, and therefore pay with the balance you stacked up in the end ?
12 x 1,83=21,96
12 x 2=24
So you could receive 2,04 back ?


Yes that is a good workaround. Another thing I faced is that the payment needs to be done in a month from now maximum. So I can’t schedule one starting in January yet :frowning:. I hope the :r: developers work on this feature better.

Hello. I have similar problem, I must pay 1,01 pln so around 0,20usd to confirm thats my new account number, its not possible to do such small payment. sth changed? is it possible to pay such small amount?