Minimum amount transfer


I was trying to make a recurring payment of 1.83€ and I realized that transfers can’t be under 2€. What’s the reason for this? I really needed to make a monthly payment of this value :roll_eyes:

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This would be set by Revolut’s payment processor rather than Revolut.

I assume it’s due to the costs involved.


Hi @pepe2124,

as @clickyclick mentioned, the restrictions are made by the payment processor.

Maybe you can ask the beneficiary of the amount to receive 2 bucks each time and you kind of collect that with the receiving party, and therefore pay with the balance you stacked up in the end ?
12 x 1,83=21,96
12 x 2=24
So you could receive 2,04 back ?



Yes that is a good workaround. Another thing I faced is that the payment needs to be done in a month from now maximum. So I can’t schedule one starting in January yet :frowning:. I hope the :r: developers work on this feature better.