mini-card for bracelets / public transport

More and more public transport systems allow “tapping in” with an NFC (contactless) enabled credit card or smartphone. NFC cards don’t have to look like credit cards, they can come in much smaller formats or even as sticky labels. How about offering a “Revolut Tag” in the form of a small disc that could be attached to a bracelet for tapping in/out on public transport networks? It would appear - and could be managed - like just another card in the Revolut app. Users would probably put a low spending limit on it and, if lost, it would be easy to block.


Check this out. I got the ring that works with my Dutch ABN AMRO account:

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so it would be easy to adopt? nice!

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Revolut could make a deal with them just as ABN AMRO and KBC have (iCard is not a favorite). I get lots of admiring looks and questions when I pay with the ring. Great fun!