Microsoft do not accept card - no authorization

Nie możemy autoryzować tej metody płatności. Upewnij się, że podane informacje są poprawne albo użyj innej karty kredytowej lub debetowej. Jeśli ten komunikat będzie nadal wyświetlany, skontaktuj się ze swoją instytucją finansową.

We are not able to authorize this payment method.

What is the reason?

What are you going to pay for?

I would like to register Azure account and chose basic subscription which require only provide a card details.

Don’t they demand 3D Secure card?
If yes- Revolut doesn’t offer that card at this moment.
If not- ask support- I mean in-app chat. (Or Twitter if you’re in a hurry)

Do you try with Revolut MasterCard or Visa?

Before there was a problem with Revolut Mastercard to pay for Microsoft online services (not sure if resolved already), but when I tried with Revolut Visa, it works fine for a few months already.
In my case: OneDrive subscription (Microsoft)

Mastercard. I do not have Visa.

Hmmm, how about taking virtual Visa?
Of course it isn’t free…