Mexico paying?

I am going to Mexico on honeymoon in November and my friend suggested this card, i’m still a bit worried about taking a card with me abroad so need some help. Is this a good card to have? Has anyone had any problems with it? How does it work? hahaha

Hello @annaliseking :wink:

First of all, reading your post, I have the impression you’re missing some ideas about :r:, so you might want to carefully read the FAQs :smile:
They’re pretty easy to read and will give you a good idea on how to top up, manage your account and withdraw without incurring in any fee. Most of the problems can be solved by reading the FAQs beforehand :wink:

This is a personal consideration. There’s not such a thing as a “goodness index” for cards, so I’m afraid you’ll have to discover by yourself. It’s the card I use for 95% of my daily life and I rarely have problems with it. :wink:
Also, you make the absolute most out of your money :money_mouth_face:

Lots of. As with any other thing that’s just beginning. Although not frequent, card outages and downtimes do happen, so taking a backup card with you is a good idea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Again, carefully read the FAQs and you’ll be ready to enjoy :r: :star_struck:

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I am confused. I cannot exchange into mexican peso on my account.
Would I just make payments and it would reduce my GBP balance?
Will.this result in extra charges?

Well, that depends :wink: But there is no need to be confused. Have you checked out the FAQs? It’s all addressed there.

Just came back from mexico.

Card worked flawless, waiters where sometimes bit confused from the chip+pin, but almost every place who accepts card payments (not that many) has mobile terminals. Withdrawl fee at BBVA Bancomer ATM was only 25MXN ( about 1 EUR). Revolut used exactly the exchange rate shown in the app.