México City ATM

I am in Mexico desperately trying to get money out and no atm works for me. I have tried contacting via chat app with no response for hours. I am literally sitting here waiting on someone, so I can actually go out for the day. I have no money!! I have been sitting on the app for over 2 hours now. Please can some help? Has anyone used their card in Mexico, which banks accept it??

Hi @Annemaries,

It seems you are entering the incorrect pin. Please note that the app passcode is different from your card pin.

To retrieve your pin, go on the Revolut app --> “My Card” (Android) or “Card” (iPhone) --> “Show My Pin”

We have unlocked your PIN. Please use your card again.


Andreas K>


In Mexico, the best ( cheapest - I paid $21 fees, which is about USD 1,1) ATM I found was from Santander. If you’re using the correct PIN and can get cash, please compare the additional fees.