Metalic cards restock?


@AndreasK can we please get a realistic answer to when the cards will be available for order again? The “few weeks” have passed now. Both me and others have paid to upgrade to Metal but still not been able to order cards for a too long now…


I really hope not, I’ve spent more than 2000€ in less than 10 months with them and still waiting for my metal card… Honestly they should make an effort to provide the card, as this is frustrating, leaving the country in a few days and still no card… yes we do benefit from the metal options but I’ve paid most essentially for the card itself!


Hi Astral,

From day one, and still no card?

When did they start selling the service? 2 months ago?


Wow, this is quite a queue…



I just made a quick calcul, I will get my black card in 110 years


That mean that there are around 40K (or more) interested R users in the Metal product.

The questuon is will they be able to produce such amount if cards


My metal card was sent to me while I was in the Philippines, 2-3 weeks after it was released :slight_smile: . But i do agree… people shouldn’t wait if they are paying Metal membership…


Any problems using the card in the Philippines ?


I’ve only had problem with i think it was Bank of China. ATM has completed request for withdrawing of funds but never got the money actually. It was in front of the Ayala mall, Terraces, in Cebu. Any other ATM’s were fine…BDO…HSBC…etc. Always the best rates I have to admit with Revolut :slight_smile: . At some point Metal card has stopped working and i had to use my premium card for withdrawing the money. I’ve reassigned the card and it’s working again. So who knows what happened…but it’s always safe I guess to carry more then 1 Revolut card just in case and ur local debit card. Above all, I am happy with Revolut service coz when i withdrawed money with Pockit card , they took much more then Revolut.


I was shown this message earlier in the week…

However before the end of the day the queue position had returned to over 10,000. I queried it with a support agent and they said that the correct queue position should be stable now. Very disappointing, I thought I was only days away from metal membership. Now I don’t know if it will be weeks or months.


Were you charged by the local banks for using your Revolut card in the ATMs (with the exception of HSBC) ?


Yeah, I was charged 250 php each time I take money.


HSBC is free, or it was last month?


HSBC is always free. I wish they have more branches of HSBC there :slight_smile: .


PHP250 in Grab, each way, to get there though ! :frowning:


this might interest you


I have a metal account but no card, didn’t even know there was a waiting list. Just waiting on them getting new cards in. Same as someone earlier in the thread, whenever you request a metal card it just says out of stock.


I’ve finally received mine, it took approximately 1 and half months to have it. But you have to keep checking yourself because I didn’t receive any notification to let me know they were available. Perhaps I’ve noticed just before Revolut contact me but anyways, its worth the waiting, the card looks very good and the quality its incontestable and the feeling when you have it in your hands it’s very pleasant.

Good luck for those who are still waiting and don’t forget keep checking!