Metalic cards restock?

Hello. Did they restock with Metal cards? I am planning to upgrade my plan and would not want to upgrade without being sure that I’m gonna get the card in the next days…

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Hi Dean. If you haven’t already done so, register your interest for Metal by entering your mobile phone number at Revolut will then contact you whenever it’s available.

According to customer services, the delivery time for metal cards is currently up to 14 days. However as soon as you sign up for Metal, you will have access to all of the account features with your existing card, so you won’t miss out on any benefits while waiting for your new card to arrive.

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I’ve been waiting one month. Logistics is not Revoluts strong point !


Sal, I upgraded the first day of launch of Metal (from Premium) but still no card has arrived.

Although it looks like one may have to have separately order one’s card by tapping “Get Metal Card” button in the cards menu. That was not clear when I upgraded – as far as I recall.

Anyhow, I’ve tried to do just that but just says Out of Stock, then it says tap here to let us know you want one and they’ll let you know when they have them back in stock… tap here seems to be the ok button.

All a bit disappointing since I upgraded the same day of launch for existing premium members.

Im also wondering when the cards will be available…

I am already a paying Metal customer but still waiting for the new cards to come in so I can order one. Im not very interested in using the ‘benefits’ as I already have Amex Platinum (non metal EU version…) and some kind of a golden Mastercard which both have benefits.

All I want is a Metal card :frowning:

Yeah you get the benefit but we all know why we all paying double the price of premium!
It’s that sweet sweet metal card!
Alas I’ve been paying for metal card since day one and has yet to receive it, so I won’t hold my breath if I was you for 14 day deadline.

As an update, just over one month since I upgraded from Premium to Metal, today I received my metal card sent via DHL Prague. Was it worth the wait, well that is subjective. It does look nice, although there is a slight scratch on the back and on the front a slight chip of the paint near the Mastercard logo!

My own personal circumstances dictated that it is cashback that is the most important Metal feature for me, and with 1% cashback generated from day one (22nd August) I was, and am, pleased. Now I have a metal card as well.

However, I feel it will go the same way as the gold card in the early nineties. Used once or twice, feel like a plonker in Tesco, stopped using it, novelty. :wink:

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That is most likely the ™ sign. It’s part of the Mastercard Logo.

Oh yeah, lol. I took a picture with my phone and zoomed it. Old Age, thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Sal,

Congrats on your Metal card, and thank you for updating.

Did you have any notification when your card was shipped?

So this is all very strange. Today I received a second card. My investigation and chain of events is as below.

To recap, the first card was ordered on 22nd August and was cancelled on the 08th September. On the same date, 08th September, I ordered a second replacement card through the app.

On the 18th September I received a shipping notification email from DHL relating to the first card that I had ordered. The first card I had ordered was shipped from Prague on 24th September. The first card ordered arrived on 26th September.

I did not receive a DHL shipping notification relating to the second card ordered. From the paper tracking slip, the second card I had ordered was shipped from Prague on 22nd September. The second card ordered arrived on 25th September.

The second card ordered was shipped and arrived before the first card that I had originally ordered. At no time were tracking numbers provided by Revolut either through the app or by SMS, for any of the two cards.

Clearly the logistical management is in a real mess.

Go figure! Are you following. Does the above make sense?

Now I have two cards, one of which is useless. Expensive mistakes for Revolut !

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You can contact Revolut support and have them reactivate the non-working card.

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Will they allow a customer to have two metal cards ? I also have two plastic cards already (one Visa, one Mastercard). So I could potentially have four cards in total.

I will try though at the weekend perhaps.

You’ll have to ask Support. They say in the Terms that you can only have one, but if you explain that a shipping error was made they might allow you to. Or, you could keep the card deactivated and if you lose a card then you can ask support. I think the limit is 3 physical cards max, so you’d have to remove one of your other cards. (I recommend to remove the Mastercard, because the Metal card is also a Mastercard.


When I use the :r: app on my iPhone I can order a metal card. On my Android phone the option is not available. Strange, isn’t it?

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I’m still waiting for mine and you have 2…:confused:

Hopefully mine will arrive soon…

Thank you for your post.

Probably is for selected accounts…

I have only one account but two phones … one work and one private phone… I installed the app on both phones so that I can freeze my cards if one is stolen or lost.

I have spoken with Revolut Customer Services. You are only allowed ONE active Metal Card. They suggested that I keep the ‘spare’, which was issued in error, just in case I lose my main card, or it is damaged, or swallowed by the ATM. Then they can immediately cancel the first card and reactivate the ‘spare’ second card.

Revolut ‘appear’ to be growing too fast, or did not anticipate the level of growth they are experiencing. They are building the necessary infrastructure as soon as practically possible. In the meantime we all just have to be patient, and hopefully you will receive your card ASAP. It will be worth the wait.

I would still 100% recommend Revoult to a friend or colleague.