Metal plan in USA doesn’t have have any cash back reward☹️☹️

I was waiting eagerly for Revolut to launch their Metal plan here in US. Was exited to see the offer this week.
But I was disappointed that Revolut had removed the 1% cash back offer. Currently no other rewards are attractive to me.
I would have happily subscribed to Metal if Revolut had included the 1% cash back offer in their Metal Plan. Hope Revolut brings it back.


It was capped to the price of metal recently anyways so not really worth it anymore lol

Just use a credit card, Chase or Apple will give you 2% and AmEx have some killer cards that are 50x better than Revolut


I know I have options through rewards credit cards. But I avoid using credit cards.

I am with you on the credit cards… hate them and I think they hate me as well.

Every time I am doing a transaction with the citibank simplicity credit card I paid the amount straight away! :joy:

Doesn’t seem that I have a credit card!

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I have almost stopped using my credit cards after I started using Revolut as my main bank account.

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I feel that Revolut really dropped the ball on this card. The benefits are minimal for such a high $17 fee. What were they thinking? No cash rewards, no free lounge access, no enhanced MasterCard benefits like rental car coverage, extended warranties, etc. For cash from ATM I think that Fidelity and Schwab are much better with no limits on fee rebate. For rewards one can do much better with most credit cards. Revolut is struggling now and I don’t see them succeeding in the USA with their current offer.

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Yeah. I am really surprised with the biz plan of Revolut.
Under the current COVID situation, there is virtually no travel by majority of business. So the travel focused Metal plan benefits may not be attractive to many customers.
In order to make it attractive to most of the US customers, Revolut should focus on including the following benefits:

  1. Cash back rewards
  2. Gas rewards
  3. Extended Warranty
  4. Worldwide Car Rental insurance
  5. Roadside Assistance
  6. Worldwide Travel Accident Insurance
  7. FICO score
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Yeap, it kinda sucks now too. Not entirely sure why I keep my metal sub anymore, especially since I’ve lost nearly 20k to bugs on their stock section.

I moved to the US and just use a normal credit card too. 5% on online shopping/travel and such, then 3% on everything else.

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