Metal "Lounges are Back"?


Did anyone of you folks here receive this in-app notification?

What did it change?

I am a Premium user and I got a similar notification a few days ago.

now i really wonder whether they introduced different prices for metal and premium as we already noticed different prices (£ being significantly lower than other currencies) in another thread

This discriminatory price thing makes me step away again.

Metal price is £15 exactly

Personally the discriminatory pricing doesn’t bother me in all cases but it sounds like poorer European countries are being charged… more?

I can understand Switzerland paying more and Norway, but not Poland, Czech and Romania

What is the price for a premium user? Also £15?

You request the same lounge. You use the same lounge and the absolutely same service.

In my opinion is inadmissible to have different prices based on location (and this is kinda of discrimination by nationality, as there’s only one Revolut HQ and they don’t operate by themselves in other countries)


I pay as metal user in Austria 24€ for every entry…