Metal Game

In the help center, it says that won’t take more than 6 weeks to get another, well I get it few months ago, only once. Does anyone got it often :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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Hey there…
I once lost mine, then ordered new one, and it arrived within few weeks.
Probably depends on demand, presume they order them in batches .

Hi Revolut Community,

As part of the Metal early adopters, my overall experience has been pretty good.
Back in September 2019, I was traveling to a remote island for vacation. I needed to withdraw some cash right before boarding on a plane but the ATM kept my Metal card (so neat even ATMs want one). So while getting on the plane, I froze the card and ordered a new one right away.
Delivered 48 hrs later, for free.
This was simply beyond expectations.
Keep up the good work!