Metal, Frequently Asked Questions.


Do I received Cashback from all cards after I upgrade?

Will the Metal card work if i cancel the subscription?
Yes. The card will still work as a premium/free card.

Will i receive tracking when my Card is posted?
Yes. However you will receive it via email/sms from DHL and it will not be available in the app.

Why haven’t I received my card yet?
There is high demand for the Metal cards. This means the manufacturer are experiencing delay in production of the cards. Best estimates for delivery is on or before September 14th.

Will the Metal card work if I do not continue with my subscription after a year?
Yes. The card will still work as a normal card for premium/free.

Can I change the currency I get from cashbacks?
Yes. Under “Vaults” there is a aoecialetal vault. Change the currency and your cashback will be paid out in the new currency

Do I have to upgrade to Premium before upgrading to Metal
No. But the first release of cards is a pre-release offer for Premium. But later you can upgrade directly to Metal.

As a non-premium customer you can currently pre-reserve your metal card via

What will it cost?
Good question. The full cost including fees etc are available here

I just got my first cashback but i cant withdraw it from my Metal Vault
Your transaction is still pending. When the transaction is completed then the cashback amount can be withdrawn

Are my Metal Vault currency exchange transactions subject to the weekend surcharge?
No. Cashback conversions are NOT subject to the weekend surcharge as they are funds given by Revolut.

How much is cashback?
1% outside Europe and 0.1% inside Europe. There is a preliminary list later in this thread.

Does Cashback work online?
Yes. If you buy something on a Canadian site and the payment is processed from Canada then you will receive 1% cashback

I am a premium subscriber will I get refunded?
Yes. It might happen automatically or happen when a manual review have happened. Contact support if it have not happen by itself after a day

Is the Metal insurance different from the one offered to Premium?
No. Revolut recently added delayed luggage and delayed flights to the Premium insurance. So they are identical.

Insurance validity period is not updated?
Insurance for Premium and Metal is the same. So it will just be renewed when it is needed.

Is the Metal card prepaid?
Yes. The Metal card is a MasterCard Debit Prepaid. They do not have Metal Visa cards.

Is there priority support for Metal users?
Yes. The medium have been a few minutes for help through the Beta stage.

Can I have more than 2 physical cards with Metal?
Yes and no. You can have ONE Metal Card and 2 premium Physical cards.

What countries are considered Europe?
The definition of Europe is from visa/MasterCard and not revolut.

This is a list of countries considered part of Europe and 0.1% cashback rate from support. Given during the beta period:

Aland Islands / Albania / Andorra / Antarctica / Armenia / Austria / Azerbaijan / Belarus / Belgium / Bosnia and Herzegovina / Bulgaria / Croatia / Cyprus / Czech Republic / Denmark / Estonia / Falkland Islands (Malvinas) / Faroe Islands / Finland / France / French Guiana / Georgia / Germany / Gibraltar / Greece / Greenland / Guadeloupe / Guernsey / Hungary / Iceland / Ireland / Isle of Man / Israel / Italy / Jersey / Kazakhstan / Kosovo, United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) / Kyrgyzstan / Latvia / Liechtenstein / Lithuania / Luxembourg / Macedonia / Malta / Martinique / Mayotte / Moldova, Republic of / Monaco / Montenegro / Netherlands / Norway / Poland / Portugal / Reunion / Romania / Russian Federation / San Marino / Serbia / Slovakia / Slovenia / South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands / Spain / Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan Da Cunha / Svalbard and Jan Mayen / Sweden / Switzerland / Tajikistan / Turkey / Turkmenistan / Ukraine / United Kingdom / Uzbekistan / Vatican City State (Holy See).

Green zones on this map is considered Europe:


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My Metal cashback vault is in CHF. If I make a purchase in USD on the weekend will the bad weekend exchange rate be applied to the cashback?
It would be nice if the cashback goes to the same account used to make the purchase in the first place!



I am pretty sure that it will.



So comparing Metal with Premium there are only 3 extra features to it:

  • Free exclusive concierge service
  • Free exclusive Revolut Metal card
  • Up to 1% cashback on all card payments

Last one is 0.1% cashback which is pretty much nothing unless you spend hundreds of thousands a month…

So apart of the 3 extra features the price is double from the Premium plan… Thats totally not worth no matter how you look at it.

Most of people if they go for this plan they go for the metal fancy card… Why not make it available to get for premium users for an extra charge the way you buy a normal card?



It is understandable that cashback needs to be much lower in the EEA (and possibly for EEA currencies transacted outside the EEA) because Regulation (EU) 2015/751 imposes caps on interchange fees, but why are so many non-EEA countries included under “Europe”?



Do I have to sign up for Premium first to get access to metal. ;o))



Nope. Other than Metal being offered to Premium in this special deal. But i have added the question to the post.



There’s also a travel insurance for delayed flights, lost luggage.

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Some of these countries might have similar regulations like Europr? I don’t know.



The insurance is the same as for Premium



How much will be the Metal Card for regular revolt users?

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The same as if you are premium. It is a type of subscription. More here

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Thanks for clarifying. I missed that they added this there as well.

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Same for the premium



No, the countries are clearly based on a geographic definition of Europe (with the exception of Antarctica) or a European currency. The list of countries has no regulatory significance. The choice of countries appears to be arbitrary as opposed to being related to any financial reasons.



As a Cartographer that’s the widest definition of Europe I have ever seen!



@NFH , I think that’s a MasterCard standard thing with which countries to include. It’s EEA, Turkey, Israel and CIS. + Georgia and Ukraine which are ex-CIS members but are ascending EEA members.

Turkey and Israel have been always pegged economically with EEA.
CIS (community of independent states, aka Stan states and Russia, Moldova, etc) are probably under the “European” umbrella due to their ties with… mother Russia.

Another thing as I remember from “region blocks” when comes about importing. CIS was always considered Europe. As well as turkey and Israel.
MENA includes Middle East and North Africa

Then North America. Latin America. South Asia. South east and the rest of Asia



Why not just have an up to date list of all countries that offer 1%.

Saying Turkey, as well as many other countries, is effectively in Europe and therefore will attract only one tenth of 1%, is misleading.

As an earlier poster hinted, counties that have very low (0.002%) charges on cards are unable to attract 1% cash back.

The more countries offering 1% cash back will benefit Revolut and their customers.



I still don’t understand the special offer rebate for Premium subscribers. Is it a single 6.99? (GBP for me) 6.99 for the length of the existing subscription? Or for a new annual subscription starting the day of signing up to Metal?

I don’t know why they need to make it so obscure, just advise exactly what the cost and rebates are and we’ll decide if we want to go for it or not. But I for one need to know exactly what costs I’m signing up for…