Metal Cashback. Which Currency?


Which currency should I set for my Metal Cashback?

Which currency will potentially provide the most cashback per transaction, or does it not matter?


Theoretically, you would have to factor in the risk of FX rates fluctuations like with investments in currencies. This makes this awfully complicated.


This is why I’d personally go with cashback in base currency.


To further this definitely don’t get cashback in yen. Abe plans on having it devalued to jump start inflation (as the yen has been deflating, which has damaged the Japanese economy!)


So I should invest in Japan :smiley:


It’s not a bad idea, I plan on throwing some money into softbank :money_mouth_face:


Always reduce your risk, especially with technology. Invest in an active fund that has exposure across multiple (more than 30) individual equity company holdings.


Yes lots of funds are in my future, there’s a few trackers making good growth on small to medium Japanese enterprises at the minute, now if only Revolut would roll out their options.