Metal Cashback: percentage of total or percentage of transaction?

I’m curious about how the metal cashback is calculated. Is it 0.1% of each transaction or of total spend? ie. if I make ten payments of £1 each, will I get 1p in cashback (0.1% of £10) or will I get zero cashback (0.1% of each transaction is less than 1p)?

This makes quite a big difference to the actual cashback rate you get, particularly if most of your transactions are <£50 in value.

Per transaction, 1 ct minimum.

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Thanks. So there’s literally no point in it for transactions under £10. I understand why they’d do it that way, but it’s still annoying

Why? I don’t get it. You get 0.1% for every single transaction. The minimum is 1 cent. So for 3 EUR, you get also 1 cent.

Oh sorry, I misunderstood you. I thought you meant that if the cashback was below the 1c minimum you wouldn’t get it at all. That’s actually really generous for small transactions then!

Thanks for clarifying

I had the same issue for HUF payments. 1000 HUF is 2.74748355 GBP, so no cashback at all. I have changed the cashback currency to CZK, so I can now get cashback for even smaller amounts as well. It is in CZK but you know 0.1% is not so much, so I do not really care to change this small account back at anytime later.
oh “Per transaction, 1 ct minimum.” - I missed this. at the beginning I did not get any for small transactions, maybe it has been changed in the meantime. I keep CZK at least for see a bigger number for cashback values. :wink:

I’ve never tried anything else but EUR.

I do mine in USD :slight_smile:

I’ve just double checked this and I can confirm that I got 1 ct cashback for a 0,99 EUR transaction with Amazon on February 10.

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Thats some buy, 0.99 Eur :rofl:

Amazon Prime membership for a week. :package: :tv: :nerd_face:

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4 -> 0.01
6 -> 0.01
14 -> 0.01
16 -> 0.02
24 -> 0.02

Yes. This is very good solution. To be sure that even the smallest amount of money you spent will give you anything as a cashback you must set a cashback currency which is very cheep like JPY, HUF eventually a cryptocurrency which is representing many digits after decimal point. In my case I set the HUF as the cashback currency so I am sure that even when I spend the smallest possible amount of money in my country (for example 0,20 PLN for a muffin) I will get 0,01 HUF as a refund (0,1% *14,69 HUF).