Metal cashback from USD balance? UK account

I have a UK account - metal.

If I make a purchase in USD from my USD balance in my UK account will I still receive the 1% cashback? ( Will it be converted to GBP cashback?

All my cashback so far has been in GBP (but I haven’t made a purchase in USD yet from a USD balance).


It depends on from where the merchant charges you. It’s not based on currency. In the case of Amazon US, in don’t know if they would use a “local” payment processor when your billing address is UK. Cashback will always be in the currency of the cashback vault, independent from the currency of the transaction.

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ok thanks - I’ll give it a go and see what happens. As I have USD when the GBP was much stronger I’d rather use those (1.43 as opposed to 1.12 now :frowning: )

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That makes perfect sense to me… when it would then be the account holders choice to convert later to the currency of their choice at a time and rate which suits them.

Now the original merchant is directing me to Paypal for payment which will inevitably open up my UK Paypal account. hmmm
If I pay in USD from my Paypal account then it may void any cashback…

As you mentioned its not based on currency but the merchant. If the original merchant directs me to my UK Paypal is the merchant my UK Paypal?

Hi i saw that you mentioned that your were a uk metal user i was wondering if you had tried the savings vaults and if so is it legit in paying interest daily?

Yes works perfectly. I have usd in the savings vault and get paid 1.15% apr daily, weekends is accumulated until Monday.
My gbp savings are with tandem as they offer 1.85% now.