Metal cards


Why do you think so? Did you check your metal card in a cardreader?

Like I said, mine does show offline limits for chip payments…


Do you get cashback on transactions such as bank transfers or is it only card transactions?


Only card transactions (not ATM either)


Do you know when airport lounge will be added to metal card plan?


“SOON” :smiley::sweat_smile:



That’s the reason I won’t upgrade to Metal… I was about to do it, as I did to premium. I’m “soon-waiting” since January :slight_smile:There are people waiting since Sep 2017 claiming they’re also waiting for months

the other reason is the discriminatory lower free ATM withdrawals for Romanian rezidents (460 GBP for us, cmpared with UK 600 and also advertised)


As you pointed out, you however do pay less for the subscription too.


2 pounds less… per month

I’m not saying how much I’m paying, I’m saying that I get much lower limits.

2 pounds vs 140 GBP PER MONTH difference… I don’t think is fair at all.

I’m fine to make it 69.99 per month, but give almost equal limits.

Same problem with Premium too. I don’'t use much cash, but I don’t like this at all.

ps. Polish users are also discriminated… also the czech ones. and let’s not talk about the swiss users :frowning:

It’s advertised 600£/ 600€. Then give it.
2400 PLN/ RON is not even close to 600£


Well, it was your argument to say you pay less because of the lower withdrawal limit :wink:

I would not call it discrimination, but I agree price/service ratio should be everywhere the same. A problem might be rate fluctuations, but maybe there should not be a country specific price but GBP should be the base price at the time of payment.

Well, taking into account the purchasing power one could argue the fees in Switzerland are way too low anyhow :wink:


In UK you get 400£ free ATM withdrawal,thats with premium.
Where did you see it’s 600 ? :slight_smile:


We’re talking about Metal :slight_smile:
For metal is 600£


Can someone give a partial photo of metal card everybody is wondering how is the look :slight_smile:


Here you go:

I can confirm it looks really really nice!


Sorry :joy:
Missed that bit …
Can’t wait to see what metal will offer at the end,which will make it worth :+1:


Best thing is increased ATM limits. Cashback is too low to make a difference for most users.


Metal Cashback, 0.1%, aka non existing (let-s not calculate that 1% out of EU):

Concierge, I never use it. I prefer to do things on my own.
ATM Withdrawals, if you’re lucky 600 GBP. If not, around 460 GBP. Still, very low for the price
A beautiful metal card, just one. And one free replace.
Airport Lounges - coming soon. Keep waiting :slight_smile:

And everything from premium:
discounted device insurance
24/7 riority support
free turbo transfers
unlimited FX
free card delivery
free disposable virtual card
Medical insurance
Free travel delay insurance
Airport Lounges - coming soon. Keep waiting :slight_smile:

Am I missing something or premium is the real deal? :slight_smile: Like… except concierge and a metal card, there’s nothing new with Metal… just the price.


Agree 100%. :slight_smile:
Cashback needs to be 1% (in home country) at least to make it worth.
Tough i would like metal card :joy::joy::joy:


Too low? I am not even sure what Revolut was thinking when they drew up that feature. Within Europe one gets a euro for every 1000 euro spent. Really? How is that an incentive?


How much was the monthly fee 12? so if you spend 12.000 in a month you will cover your fee :rofl:


Make that 14,000 :wink: