Metal cards


I think the statement was that Airport lounges should become availabe for all three plans (free, premium, platinum), but at different price points. That’s why they are no longer attached to premium.


If this happens, I don’t see it a good solution… my 2 cents. It’s quite (very) illegal to do this.


No one said it will be exclusive to Platinum!


Well when they left it from the Premium, you should expect it for only Platinum.

But I do hope I am wrong!


They said at an official event that it’s not going to be platinum only.


It’s a bit problematic with the lounges. I’ve wrote in the dedicated topic too

This means, they should not offer a “better” lounge for platinum than for premium…

Anyway. I’m waiting the true debit metal card :grimacing:


What’s the offline credit limit you would expect from such a card?


I wouldn’t expect too much from Lounges.

Revolut will for most probably enter into an agreement with one of the networks, that is Priority Pass, Lounge Key, etc. - there is no other way to have a quick access to many lougnes around the world.

Even with 13 GBP/month = 156 GBP/year - discounts for one-time payments

Priority Pass costs 69/159/259 GBP/year itself including 0/10/unlimited entrances.

This means that there is clearly no chances to have unlimited free access to lounges even with anything under Platinum, and most probably not even with Platinum.

My guess would be that each Revolut account would grant right to access Priority Pass lounges, but depending on the subscription:

  • Revolut Basic: 25 GBP/entrance
  • Revolut Premium: 15 GBP/entrance (meaning effectively Priority Pass Standard subscription included)
  • Revolut Platinum: 5-10 free entrances/year + 15 GBP/additional entrance

Just a guess…


Makes sense to me. I’m skeptical about 5-10 free entrances for Platinum, though. I’m expecting just a bigger discount, to be honest.


I changed 24 EUR (Continental price in PP) to 15 GBP (UK price).

I believe there will be a few entrances included - it is quite common for platinum cards in standard banks, where 200 GBP/year platinum cards sometimes give unlimited access - but probably it is subsidized by the bank in that case.


That or 1-2 free acces to the lounge in a year.
But most chance is a discount


Dont forget that not all bank users/Amex holders use these many lounge access as they fly regular on Business class where the Lounge is included.

And for those who use it a lot they lose not that much money on.


It’s a debit card, not a credit one to give you offline limits.

But. Yes. You can use it offline and will be debited after.


I know, but I am interested in the limit. What kind of offline credit limit would you expect? What would be sufficient? What’s your opinion here? :wink:


Fair point.

My only hope is that Revolut with a huge client base is able to negotiate very good conditions, so they actually can make money on Basic users, break-even on Premium lounge use, subsidize Platinum users covering it from the subscription.


I think that it would be awesome to let the customer decide that (but keep that amount in the vault for it)

And a standard of 25GBP just to buu that meal or snack in the train/plane.

For Instance Curve has no limit even if you use a debit card. So I am able to use the offline transaction with my Revolut card if I use Curve


I’m relatively sure curve has some sort of offline limit. Anything else would be extremely risky.


I made oayments up to 200EUR without problems, but I agree that it will have some limit of course.


I like the idea of a customer configurable offline limit with a secured deposit like we discussed in a different thread (?), but I am being more pragmatic here.

If users expect a „proper“ debit card, the main difference, from a technical perspecitve, is just a different service code configuration that would allow offline use. Usually, there is a set limit for this kind of transactions. I’ve read that the limit of a N26 card is somewhere around 100 EUR, for example (I have no proof for this, that’s just what I remember).

But there are more fancy ways to do this. Before Mastercard introduced their relatively new Debit card sometimes around 2016, there were already cards that deducted a payment directly from a current account. Let’s call them deferred debit (vs. charge cards, that would deduct the bill once a month). These card would „check“ a customer’s balance, they would then store the availabe balance (incl. overdraft, if applicable) on the chip. The chip would then keep track of offline transactions and would update the balance at the next online transaction.

The reason why I am asking is that I, for myself, am not sure what a good, reasonable offline limit would be. 100? 200? What would people expect from a Revolut debit card here?


I like the idea and you are right.

What a good offline limit will be depends on the customer, in my case I only use offline for meals onboard a plane or train so max 25euros would he enough. But another user want 100-200.

It is up to :r: to look into the options and come with the best for their customers, however that will take a long while I am afraid.