metal card unsubcription


just wanted to try the metal card!!! it’s written like the “Metal plan is a minimum 12 months contract” which means I can’t cancel the metal subscription after one or two months and use the card as standard??


You can cancel anytime I think but you will pay some fee, just read ToS. You will be able to keep using Metal card.


How much cost exactly? I did not find a clear info


it’s not hard finding that information. 1.9 points to under " Account and Revolut Card Issuance Charges":

**If you order a physical Revolut Metal card and subsequently cancel your Metal membership within the first 14 days of upgrading your Revolut account, we will charge you £50 (or currency equivalent) for your use of the Metal Services during that time.


What about after one or two months ???


Why are people cancelling their Metal memberships already? The costs, benefits and terms have been very clear before signing up. Let me guess, people want the fancy metal card but not the 12-month plan?

There are still thousands of people in front of me in the Metal queue. I wonder how many have registered just for the card, and have no intention of seeing the contract through.


No flame war, but i can imagine lot of situations … e.g. if you move house from cashback country to EEA.


I completely agree, there are a number of perfectly valid changes to someone’s personal or financial circumstances which would justify cancelling the contract. Sorry, I should have made that point in my previous post.


I think every customer has the right to try out something if he wished. Depend on his/her financial cercumstance, satisfaction with service or any other factors , he can cancel the subscriptions. Of course he has every rights to do so. We are in D


I just want a metal card without premium subscription. :thinking::grimacing:


Mind your own business, let revolut to decide what to do.


I am also interested in knowing this :slight_smile: