Metal card queue?

I registered for the metal membership a while ago and the queue never changed since. I know some of my cooworkers who registered for the metal way after me and they got the card within a week. And we both were premium members for over a year.

How does that even work? Who gets priorities here? I know that there is a shortage of the cards but i saw in a forum that someone wrote that they will get plenty of cards in a week. And that message was written like 2 or 3 weeks ago.

I am also awaiting option to get Metal card. Gotta be honest holding a metal card not the important thing for me its about the benefits. Use extensively for travel and whether card is blue or metal who cares as long as benefits acrue?

I was just able to order one Metal card via the app.
I didn’t get any mail reminder when they will be on stock again though.
Delivery should be next Friday.

I dont have any delivery information as i was added to queue instantly.

Where on the app did you get option to order? Cannot see it on mine. :sunglasses:

Cancel my last, blonde moment, just ordered card using + at top right of cards. Expected 05 Nov

I guess you find out by yourself :wink:

In that case just order the premium as the benefits almost identical

Unless of course you travel outside Europe a lot and enjoy the cashback option :wink:

Well thats the only case tbh. If you travel, live OUTSIDE the EU as in EU the cashback is useless unless you spend 10k+ a month

I had 3k ahead in my queue and I unsubscribed and subscribed to metal again. Now its 60k ahead hahaha… Thanks no