Metal Card purchase

Make possible to buy and order metal card without subscription so any user can get one.


Would you be ready to pay 60 Euros for it?

Do you think is that much to get one lol £30 yes

There are aspects of Revolut which are subscription based, a customer can opt in if they wish.

I am pleased to see that metal card is an option for those who desire it.

When I joined Revolut I could have a standard card or pay a subscription for a choice. I can’t see a reason to change this.

just read the terms

So is looks like that you can subscribe and cancel pay £40 and keep the card is that plus deliver charges or just 40 is a bit confusing.

Dude, it’s not worth it. Either choose the Metal plan or just leave it. The quality of the Metal card is not even close compared to the old AMEX Centurion.

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