Metal (Aluminium?) Cards for Revolut Premium?


In vein with:


It’d be great if a metal-based card could be offered for users of Revolut Premium.

Given the higher cost of the metal material, would be happy to pay €10 extra just for the option.


We have already explored this option already. Unfortunately to manufacture a metal card costs much more than €10!

Revolut Premium

also there will be many problems with ATM use (as a lot of it will detect weight). Contactless will also be problematic.

Revolut Premium

Would’t it bend? Since most people keep their cards in wallets, I can see bentgate coming.


Good point. But surely plastic cards can bend and snap as well.


Sure. Someone should make a Youtube video about it! :wink:


The Chase Sapphire Reserve (metal) card has been described as ‘quite beefy’ by the YouTuber.

This blogger has also written about how the metal card is possibly ‘indestructible’, having failed to bend it, cut it with a scissor and also set fire to it on a stove.

Overall I don’t think the bending will be an issue. The main one will probably be cost, as @alan mentioned.

Hopefully as Revolut grows, the option of a metal card (with or without additional payment.) will be proffered to Revolut Premium holders.


In metal card news…

Citi’s launched their own equivalent of the Chase Sapphire Reserve, and the American Express Platinum.


N26 just announced a metal card.

Roll-out starts for a small number of “N26 black” customers in Germany, France, Italy and Austria early 2018.


If you have an American Express card and your annual spending exceeds $250k (!) then you might be offered a Centurion account, which comes with a titanium card…

Yours for only $2,500 each year, plus a $7,500 initiation fee. Bargain!

But all joking aside, a metal card would be a cool benefit of a premium :r: account but wouldn’t be a deal-clencher for me. A winder range of card designs would also be welcome.


@Burns, bit the Amex is still for “show-off” The Amex Titanium has no NFC, no ATM, you can use this card only at the frontdesc.


The N26 Card Metal comes along with more features, only Metal Card holders. But the price per month will be high.

The new N26 features (Metal only) are:

Free ATM withdrawal worldwide
Insurance (Revolut already)
Worldwide booking of conference rooms by the N26 App.

Thats it.

I really do prefer Airport Lounge access (maybe discount only) and SEPA Instant Payment for Revolut Premium (maybe Metal) Card holders :slight_smile:


It is now time that Revolut come soon with a good answer to the Metal cards from N26

I think that the price should be higher for metal, but there must be more options then only metal card.

Maybe we see it next year in january as Revolut wil obtain a European Banking License


I have that card and it does not support contactless because of the metal. If I had an option, I would switch to a non-metal card as contactless is such a time-saver.