Metal .1% Seriously?

Why only .1% cashback in Europe?

That’s almost irrelevant as an incentive.

What kind of payback would you expect if merchant fees for debit cards are capped at 0.2% for consumer debit cards?


It’s unfortunately due to EU regulations.

How do I get between 1.5 and 3% on some purchases with my CURVE card then?

Are you an early curve user? These cards were commercial cards. Commercial cards are except from the EU regulation. If not, it’s a question for Curve, the money has to come from somewhere. What’s their business model?

Yes I am and early Curve user.

On some spends I get 1.5% cashback and 3% on others.

Commercial cards gerenally have higher interchange fees. That is why N26 pays cashback for their business account but not for the consumer product. And if I remember this correctly, Curve limited their product to business customers for this very reason. Their business model bas partly based on the margin between the interchange fees they make and the fees they have to pay when customers connected consumer cards to their service.