Merchants that don't accept Revolut

I think it would be a great idea to make a list of online shops that don’t accept Revolut card and maybe you guys would do something about it


So do you wanna start?

Yeah, I can, there’s a Lithuanian site where you can buy bus tickets online, but when you choose to pay by MasterCard card, you fill your information and press proceed it just declines the action.

It is the same with I guess both of them are using Swed Bank for their transactions which seems to be the problem.
So it’s not really a merchant that does not accept, but a crappy Swed Bank banklink service.

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AFAIK, are using FirstData for transaction processing. It is not affiliated with Swedbank. So it could be a wider Revolut technical issue rather than conspiracy

Another one example - and Both using FirstData processor
They reject payment saying “You account has insufficient funds or the operation has been canceled”

One more merchant that rejects Revolut -

Is this a Financial Institution?

Yes. This is credit card payment processor of Latvijas Pasta Banka (Bank of Latvia Post). This processor is used by some credit organizations, like
And I can confirm, that this processor also redirects to 3Dsecure web page.
So it could be that the real issue is that Revolut does not implement 3Dsecure

Not a big issue at all. Turkish Airlines preffer 3D secure as well but I got successfull transaction with my Revolut card!


korolija, if I’m not wrong, large merchants are allowed to process payments without 3D, example - Aliexpress. But small merchants are required to verify two factor in order to prevent fraud

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@unqnsp Maybe. But I didn’t had any issue using my Revolut card as a primary card for 1 year and 6 months!

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Hey @unqnsp, I believe it is not a requirement. But it affects liabilities. With 3D Secure, a transaction is less risky for merchants. In case of fraud, merchants are liable if they don’t use it. Small businesses might just decide not to accept riskier transactions and get a better deal with their payment processor.

Fair enough. So in case of Revolut, which does not support 3Dsecure, small merchants simply reject the card as “insecure”, as they don’t want to take the risk. And this may explain why so many small e-shops reject Revolut

in Poland i can not to pay with my revolut card by skycash - to purchase of public transport ticket in their android APK “skycash” from google play.

Does it work in automatic motorway toll booths in Italy, France or Croatia, for example?
“Normal” debit cards do.

Irish post office does not accept Revolut :confused: they claim to only accept debit cards. Isn’t Revolut a debit card ?

It is a debit card but unfortunately some merchants equipment insist it is a credit card. I have not found a UK travel company yet that gets it right and then try to charge me extra. It seems there is nothing Revolut can do about it.

Hi @corepl, @badskittler, yes, if a payment provider identifies the card as “credit” despite being correctly shown in most BIN databases as “prepaid debit”, it might not be possible to avoid a markup. Every time this happens, Little Britain’s “computer says nooo” comes to mind.

It is still a good idea to report it to Revolut. Sometimes not even a merchant can change this because his payment provider’s BIN database is not up to date. Revolut might be able to contact them and ask them to update their systems.

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These merchants for me so far, and the list grows fast :frowning:

  • Domino’s Pizza Spain
  • Any mobile top-up website in Spain
  • eFax
  • SkyCash Poland
  • Certain McDonalds kiosks in Spain
  • Cinesa Spain Online Ticketing (largest cinema chain)
  • Certain Ticketmaster shows