Merchant terminals not working in Vietnam


Since Wednesday I have had no success with Revolut cards using merchant terminals (in shops, hotels, businesses) in Vietnam (Hanoi and Halong).

Their terminals simply immediately reject the card with a message in Vietnamese, whether using chip or magnetic strip.

The cards are working in ATMS, but I desperately need to avoid breaching my cash withdrawal limit as I’ve got to make it last for a long trip.

Has anyone had a similar problem?



I would check the switches in “security” section (turn them off, then on again).
If that won’t work- use in-app chat to get help.
If you’re in a hurry- ask them for help on Twitter.
Here @AndreasK can help if he is on his shift :grin:


Im currently in Hoian (vietnam) and I am having the exact same problem! Started when I was in Hue and continues now that I am in Hoian… did you manage to solve the problem?


It never really got sorted. I found the card worked fine in ATM’s and online, but not with merchant machines. Occasionally a more modern machine worked. I’m afraid there didn’t seem to be a solution beyond withdrawing lots of cash.



The card doesnt get accepted anywere in Hanoi. I tried big department stores, restauramts and cafès and neither worked.

Revolut needs to fix this, because currently the card is not supported in Vietnam.


Hi @Flurbyrock / @CaroDaw ! Which card did you use? Visa or Mastercard?
And Does Revolut solve your problem?

(cause I’ll go to Vietnam in 2 months with the visa one)

Thanks in advance


Hi @Mya

I am using the MasterCard. I’m very disapointed, I have been able to use the card in only 30% of the places where I went, terminals of Vietcombank do never work, its better with Vietminh (although not always) and terminals of Agribank. So I’m constantly withdrawing cash from ATMs (Which works well) with fees that range from 55 000 to 70 000 dongs per withdrawal. Revolut answered to me saying that it was a recurrent issue related to the terminals in this country. So no solution :-/. Super disapointing considering that the reason why I bought the card was this trip


I was also on Mastercard.


I am planning a trip to Vietnam this summer for a couple of weeks, the plan with Revolut was mainly for this trip. Should I reconsider and apply for another provider?