Merchant refunds...again

I have read a few threads with different people having issues with merchant refunds.

It appears that there is a problem again. Usually my refunds show in my revolut account within 2 days, however currently I am waiting a lot longer than this, and I am getting worried.
I went on to support and they have told me that it has been in their account since Monday and it is waiting to be processed. It is now Friday and I still haven’t got the money. Is this acceptable? Would you get this from a normal bank?
Not once have I got an apology either or an explanation why it is taking so long.
They are stating that their third party processor says it can take up to 10 working days, and I don’t think this is acceptable?
Why is it never revoluts problem and always someone else’s?
I’m not happy as I am waiting on over 2k to come in, and I thought I could rely on revolut to get this money as quick as possible, but obviously I couldn’t.